Learning from History


If we don’t learn from mistakes made in the past,

 we may repeat those mistakes in the future.


EMPdefense.info message is not political, it is about our survival!

Ignoring Hitler’s Warning led to the death of more than 50 million.


I am Reinhard Stamminger and I was born near Vienna in Austria in August of 1934, the same year and month in which Adolf Hitler became Germany’s Dictator.


As a child, I experienced World War II from 1939 to 1945.  I know that this war could have been prevented and the lives of   more than 50 million people could have been saved.


In his book Mein Kampf, published around 1926, Adolf Hitler warned the world of his objective for Germany to invade and permanently occupy Poland, parts of Russia and other countries. 


If Germany would have had a Master Mind Team at that time, it would have brought the following message to all Germans:  Adolf Hitler proposes that Germany should invade Poland and other countries.  This would inevitably lead to another war with the same countries that have just defeated Germany a few years ago and which war Germany would obviously lose again.  Hitler is dangerous; he was already in jail for trying to overthrow the German Government.  Hitler will stop at nothing.  Don’t give him any power whatsoever.


If every German would have had this information, Hitler could not have won any elections, World War II would have been prevented and more than 50 million lives would have been saved.     


Ignoring today’s Warnings concerning the EMP Threat

could lead to the death of more than 500 million people.


An EMP is an Electromagnetic Pulse that can be caused by Enemy Attack or by solar flares.  It does not directly hurt people, animals or plants, but it indirectly kills whole civilizations, by destroying the electric power grid and silicon chips in computers.


Russia and China already have EMP Weapons and are now building Super-EMP Weapons.  This clearly shows that they aim at World Domination by eliminating the populations of other countries.  Obviously, the United States and Western Europe are first. The lives of more than 500 million people are at risk in the USA and in Western Europe.

Fortunately there is a simple solution:

Making America Immune to EMP Events.