The Program of Master Mind Team USA



A Master Mind is the coordination of information and effort

by two or more people, in a spirit of harmony, for a definite purpose

and for the attainment of definite objectives.


The definite purpose of Master Mind Team USA

is to support the Agenda of the President of the United States

to make America safe, and then to keep America safe.

Our initial objective is to help making America immune to EMP events.



We must inform President Trump.  Nobody has told him yet,

 or he would already have started the EMP Manhattan Project.

  When he finds out, he will take immediate action to make America immune

to EMP events, man-made or of solar origin.



Our Petition


When we have a sufficient number of Team Members, Master Mind Team USA will place a We the People Petition with the request that we make America immune to EMP events, as described in Dr. Pry’s EMP Manhattan Project, immediately, and regardless of costs.


Master Mind Team Members will sign this Petition


With a minimum of 100,000 electronic signatures, the Government will respond.  President Trump will find out and, knowing that he has popular support, will obviously take immediate action to make America immune to EMP events.


Therefore, every Citizen who signs the Petition, makes an important contribution to protecting our lives, our families, our assets, and our Nation.


Supporting Executive Orders and other tasks


As long as we have a dysfunctional Congress, President Trump may need to issue Executive Orders to get the Program started.  Our Team Members will support those Executive Orders by calling and writing to News Media and to Congress and will support the President’s Agenda to make America safe in all respects.