Our World Would Change in an Instant


The next generation of weapons are a very real threat to our families and society.


China and Russia have EMP weapons and Iran and North Korea are working to add them as well.


Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons are small nuclear weapons that will be exploded many miles above the Earth.  There will be no immediate loss of life but the widespread destruction of electric transformers and computer microchips.  The result is no electricity, no ATM’s, no refrigeration, no food supply, automobiles won’t start, absolutely no communications.  Without cars and communications, police will be unable to protect us.  Total anarchy will result.  Without food millions will starve.


EMP events can also take the form of a solar flare.  The solar storm of Sept. 1, 1859 (Google “Carrington Event”) was a powerful geomagnetic storm. A solar coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth and induced the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded.  Telegraphic equipment, the only electric equipment at the time, was damaged or destroyed across the nation.  Scientists tell us that that there will be another powerful solar event, they just don’t know when.


America must be protected from both natural and man-made EMP events. 


Our political leaders have been aware of the threat for many years but have failed to address the need for protecting our power grid and critical infrastructure.


  • We are asking Americans to pledge to sign a “White House Petition” (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/) asking the President and Congress to immediately make America immune to EMP events.

  • The “White House Petition” program pledges that the President will respond to any petition that collects a minimum of 100,000 signatures within 30 days of posting.  Our goal is to collect pledges from 100,000 citizens to sign the petition.  Then, and only then will we post the petition.

  • Will you sign the petition when we e-mail you once we have 100,000 pledges? 

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