Meeting with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

On November 4, 2019, I met with Dr. Pry for two hours at his office in Virginia.  I believe that Dr. Pry is the World’s foremost expert on the EMP Threat.  Dr. Pry told me that EMP events caused by Enemy Attack or by solar flares are a threat to the existence of the United States, since they could lead to the death of 90% of all Americans.


Dr. Pry also told me that our dysfunctional Congress has known the threat for many years but has been unwilling to act.  In his book EMP Manhattan Project, Dr. Pry explains that our electric power infrastructure can be protected against EMP events for a cost that is less than what the United States spends each year on Foreign Aid.


For these reasons, Master Mind Team USA

 will bring the following Message to all American Citizens:

For our Survival we must make America

Immune to EMP Events



Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

Executive Director


The Mission

The United States, as soon as possible, must find a policy pathway forward to protect the electric grid and other critical infrastructures from electromagnetic pulse (EMP), because natural and manmade EMP are clear and present dangers to national existence.  The Congressional EMP Commission estimates a natural or manmade EMP event that blacks-out the national electric grid for one year could kill 90 percent of Americans from starvation, disease, and societal collapse.


A Carrington Event-class geomagnetic super-storm is now a half century overdue.  According to NASA, likelihood of recurrence is 12 percent per decade, which virtually guarantees the Earth shall encounter a worldwide natural EMP event--that shall put at risk the lives of billions--within our lifetimes or that of our children.


Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran (the world's leading sponsor of international terrorism) all have contingency plans for making a nuclear EMP attack on the United States, combined with cyber-attacks, physical sabotage and other operations designed to defeat, or exterminate, the American people.  All of these adversaries are increasingly aggressive, and are likely to become more so, against what they perceive is a weakened and vulnerable United States.


Most policymakers, and leaders of utilities and private sector corporations, have still never even heard of EMP.  They do not understand that natural and nuclear EMP are both the ultimate catastrophe, and the ultimate weapon, of the electronic age. 


EMP is a new and unprecedented threat.


Policymakers, utilities and corporations, must be persuaded that EMP preparedness is a homeland security top priority, deserving resource priority over other competing threats, both because of the severity of an EMP catastrophe, and because EMP preparedness would significantly mitigate other threats, including cyber-attacks, physical sabotage, and severe weather such as hurricanes.  They must be educated that protection of electric grids and other critical infrastructures from EMP is feasible and affordable.